The Americanization of Baja California.- As I discuss in the previous edition, americanization of Baja California has nothing to do with hatred or racism or cultural differences, separatism of Baja California is a rejection of the current government system that does not manages to meet the needs of Baja Californians, changing the system government that needs Baja California is sad but better for the state and whether to prepare the state to the entry of a fully developed country.
We should not play the part with unnecessary nationalism, nationalism can exist in Mexico but is not essential, as well as the Mexican system of government is not a Mexican system but a legal system that works by laws used by the Romans, we should not be afraid or feel wrong to say that Mexico is a country with a weak legal security and does not advance, in fact we are going backward, we must face it changing the form of government in other words its legal system as well.
We can not deny that the United States of America is a country that has achieved a successful development, despite clear differences and hatreds between the two countries, we can say that following his rules will lead us to the same economic place in that country.
United States of America is one of the best system of government, so as to follow and this is where the concept of Americanization of Baja California comes.
The question is: how we can Americanize the Baja California; Americanization will come by nature evolution, sooner or later society end up being mixed to form increasingly perfect states, with some exceptions as is Mexico, therefore it is necessary to route once our country the true development of the cities for the benefit of our descendants, we must do it, because perhaps many did the same before to make our nation a better country, so why wait if we are neighbors of the most developed country in the world, that also like the United States can serve as an example to follow for other nations. Why Americanize Baja California ?; Simply, because it is te first step towards the independence of Baja California as a free and sovereign nation without being subject to Mexican rules that stops its economic-industrial and cultural development, and as in any way the Americanization will come sooner or later, so why to wait if we can do it now.
The Americanization of Baja California is the best deal for Baja California to become a new nation, just figure it when a california residents come to visit Baja California and see that the speed limit on the roads are the same as are in California, that laws and regulations are the same, that the judicial system is the same, and so on everything that regulates and offers the government of Baja California is the same as California, and when the tourists observing that practically are at home we would put to think,and when the tourists start observing that practically are at home we would put them to think that baja california could be a better place to live, they no longer buy a house as a cottage or vacation but would think to take up residence in Baja California, as well as that in speaking of Americanization we are not talking about the anexation of Baja California to the United States, although it would be the easiest way but that annexation is impossible because the local government would be supplanted according to American law, the Americanization is thus adopt the American laws and customs to be a culture that brought prosperity to America.
Thus Americanized Baja California without blaming each other we can bring prosperity to our great state that has a great human potential and strategic geographical location so that together build the strongest and powerful economic development in the world ..


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